Anita Fogarty

Meet Anita, the dedicated Customer Support Specialist at ActonBV, whose journey into the realm of customer service and digital marketing has been marked by a passion for learning and a commitment to assisting both new and existing clients. Her qualifications include a certification in Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver (ACA) from FAS Limerick, reflecting her dedication to expanding her skill set.

Anita’s career path led her through various professional experiences, each contributing to her well-rounded skill set and her ability to thrive in a customer-focused role. She spent a substantial part of her career at PacNet Services (Europe) Ltd, specializing in ePayments and Cheque Processing for seven years. Her time at PacNet allowed her to develop a keen understanding of customer needs and service, a skill she brings with her to her current role.

In her journey, Anita also briefly explored the world of administration with NavaraSoft Ltd, adding to her versatility and adaptability. She further extended her skills into the financial sector as a Senior Direct Sales Consultant at Halifax Insurance Ireland Ltd.

Today, as the Customer Support Specialist at ActonBV, Anita is the first point of contact for both new and existing customers. Her role involves managing email and SMS marketing platforms, ensuring that clients’ needs are addressed promptly and efficiently. Her experience has equipped her with the tools to provide invaluable support to clients, whether they are just starting their journey with ActonBV or have been long-standing partners.