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Park Lodge B&B

Experience elegance with the warmest welcome

the brief

Whether you’re passing through town or visiting locally, you’ll find Park Lodge is a destination in itself.

Park Lodge presents a luxurious blend of custom boutique lodging, set amidst enchanting gardens and elevated comfort – the very reasons why numerous guests make it an annual tradition to return.

Actonbv was tasked with crafting a fresh website that captures the essence of the property’s recently revamped rooms and captivating photographic visuals. The goal was to fashion a user-friendly website complete with a seamless booking system, ensuring effortless discoverability.

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Web Design

our solution

The primary goals were to improve the overall aesthetics and functionality of their online platform and increase their visibility to potential guests.

To achieve these goals, actonbv embarked on a comprehensive website design and development project for Park Lodge. They initiated the process with in-depth consultations and meticulous planning, subsequently crafting visually captivating mockups that encapsulated the essence of bespoke boutique accommodation, the allure of magnificent gardens, and the promise of premium comfort. The website was meticulously designed to be responsive across devices and seamlessly incorporated high-resolution imagery of the newly furnished rooms and gardens.

Simultaneously, Actonbv executed effective search engine optimization strategies, identifying relevant keywords, and optimizing on-page elements to bolster the site’s discoverability, ensuring that Park Lodge’s online presence aligned with its reputation for excellence.