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the brief

Dundrum College of Further Education is a leading provider of modular and credit-based Post Leaving Certificate (PLC), traineeship, and Further Education courses in Dublin.

Recognising the importance of a modern and effective online platform for educational institutions, DCFE sought actonbv’s expertise in crafting a website that not only reflects the college’s values and academic offerings but also provides an enhanced user experience for students, faculty, and prospective applicants.




Web Design

our solution

actonbv’s solution for DCFE’s new college website centered on user experience.

They created a responsive, user-friendly site with clear content, making it easy for students to explore academic programs and apply online. To improve visibility, Actonbv implemented effective SEO strategies. Robust security measures protected user data. They also provided staff training, ensuring DCFE could manage and update the site easily. This comprehensive approach not only met immediate needs but also established a strong online presence for sustained success in the digital education landscape.

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