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Critical Thinking, Technical Building

the brief

Based in New York City, conceptcsi is a full service commercial general contractor and construction management firm with extensive national and international experience.

conceptcsi recognised the need for a stronger online presence and reached out to actonbv to revamp their outdated website. By doing so they quickly demonstrated their commitment to competitiveness and providing an accessible platform for clients and partners. The collaboration aimed to align their online identity with evolving business goals and values.




Web Design

our solution

The project showcased a highly productive partnership between actonbv and the company’s marketing team.

Securing access to vital information, photography, and the clients technical expertise was pivotal, and our client had complete confidence in our collaboration. The result is a website that seamlessly balances usability and engagement.

Our primary emphasis was on enhancing the user experience, effortlessly connecting so that the new website is constantly reassuring visitors that conceptcsi can deliver a project to their clients vision with agility, cost-effectiveness and the personal care it deserves.