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The strongest logos tell simple stories

Complementing your website
with professional corporate identity

To visually express your company’s point of difference, create impact and ensure your business is represented in a professional, consistent and creative way – Acton BV offers you a full corporate logo and visual identity design service.

Supporting Your Visual Identity

We want to help you make sure the logo and visual identity we provide for you is always applied accurately and consistently. This is how your brand builds recognition, trust and credibility in your market.

To achieve this, we will provide you with VISUAL IDENTITY GUIDELINES, which is a ‘rule book’ or blueprint of how your Visual Identity should and should not be displayed. With this style guide at hand, you will be able to consistently communicate your corporate identity without confusing your audience.

The specifications we provide also give you a foundation you can give to third parties who may work with your identity or need to apply your logo eg. other designers, marketers, media. Across the board, your company has a unified visual front and ‘speaks with one voice.

We LOVE our logo. Its super strong and contemporary. Wethink it will really help dictate our direction going forward.

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We are proud to have best-in-class people within our team. Experienced specialists who work closely with each other, collaborate on every project and embrace continuous improvement in all that they do. It’s about design and creativity working together with technical excellence – fuelled by proven processes and systems.