We Build Excellence in the Construction Industry

Why ActonBV and Construction?

Since our beginnings in 2005, we have helped put many construction companies, big and small, online.

Helping them to build their brand, reach their customers and demonstrate their capability.

Because we’ve been so involved, and have spent so much time understanding the complex world of construction, we understand what you need in the digital space:

Our site focus on communicating your sound and solid financial security, good name and longevity – and how this translates to trustworthiness.

We give you the space to show your work in t he best way possible, letting your designs speak a thousand words.

At the same time, we work hard to make sure your new site generates leads and brings new business.

Conack Construction

Conack is one of Ireland’s leading construction firms, delivering recognisable and essential projects that are helping to shape our built environment.